Tenant-Only Advisors

Vortex is one of a select few commercial real estate companies that specialize only in the representation of tenants. The firm was founded in 2002 with the commitment to remove ourselves and the tenants we represent from the restrictions and conflicts imbedded within large commercial real estate companies. Our mission is to maintain 100% objectivity and full disclosure at all times.

The company has intentionally remained a small, focused and team-oriented organization. Vortex’s business plan and our strategic thinking have proven to be a successful platform for achieving optimal results for the tenants that we represent.

No Conflicts

As a tenant-only advisor, Vortex is free of any conflicts of interest that may arise at larger full-service real estate companies. We serve office users exclusively. As a result, we are not subject to the fiduciary pressures of those that act as managing or leasing agents for landlords, whose first priority often is to lease space within their clients’ buildings. These companies—which include all major real estate service companies in New York—have a major financial investment in landlord work. In contrast, Vortex’s only commitment is to the tenants we assist.

Specialized Process

Through more than 75 years of combined real estate experience, the Vortex professionals have crafted a specialized real estate Process. Our Process addresses the entire spectrum of tenants’ needs and allows us to structure leases that are both functionally and economically efficient on behalf of our clients.

Market Knowledge

Vortex’s professionals rely on various data sources for market news and information. Our research department maintains a proprietary database which is updated with market comparables, shadow space, and relevant information on a daily basis. In addition to referring to numerous data resources, our brokers speak with many tenants, owners, landlord agents, and real estate professionals regularly in order to stay abreast of market developments. Vortex’s culture is one of collaboration and free information exchange, which allows our firm to work as one team.

Financial Expertise

Every Vortex transaction is the result of extensive negotiations backed by thorough financial analysis. Our analytics department utilizes proprietary financial models, customized to suit the needs of each tenant we represent. Our models have built-in flexibility to address every scenario under consideration and conduct an analysis of all possible capital outlays resulting from a certain transaction. Quantifying tenants’ options helps us identify optimal occupancy strategies. We also customize our models to provide sensitivity analyses in order to determine the amount of leverage we have in negotiations with landlords.

Partnership of Commitment and Transparency

As an outsourced real estate arm, we provide complete transparency in every assignment. Our approach of free information exchange and full commitment renders superior results and leads to cost savings and economies of scale.