Lease Administration

Vortex provides to our client base customized portfolio lease analysis and administration. On a case-specific basis, we may also utilize software that suits the tenant’s specific requirements, if preferred. Vortex would compile and consolidate critical information from a number of sources and display it in a single, protected online depot, offering up-to-date analytics. Because of its custom-tailored user-friendly nature, the lease administration software we select can be used by a company’s financial executives, real estate officers, and facilities managers, alike.

Strategic Growth Study

Vortex is the first company to provide a free electronic growth perspective study to our clients. Based on an electronic survey of department heads and employees, this technological approach to tracking company growth is instrumental for future occupancy planning. To ensure optimal results, Vortex custom tailors all surveys to the individual tenant situation, addressing case-specific issues and concerns on the basis of preliminary interviews.

The software would enable a tenant company’s executives to identify the areas within the firm that are exhibiting the fastest growth, both in terms of service lines and geographical areas. Based on the results presented by the study, senior leadership can form an informed vision of the firm’s expansion needs. This service would provide insight into the firm’s business perspective in order to ultimately translate these with respect to the firm’s long-term real estate needs. It also acts as a snapshot of the firm’s current position in relation to its business plan targets.

Vortex Support

Vortex serves as a resource to tenants, overseeing the survey set up and launch, providing analytical support on an as-needed basis throughout the process with our technology partner.