Brokerage Services

Vortex’s professionals represent tenants in lease negotiations, renewals, extensions, expansion and contraction transactions, subleases, and portfolio restructuring.

Transaction Advisory

As part of the advisory process, we conduct site inspection and selection in order to identify the spaces that are the best fit for our clients’ criteria. We provide a thorough cost analysis, evaluating and comparing proposals, and get involved in the selection of architects and planners, among others.

Strategic Consulting

We help companies formulate a clear strategy with respect to their corporate real estate needs, and implement their short and long-term strategic occupancy plans. In the process, we often get involved in identifying and assessing potential reorganization opportunities for our clients.

Audit and Recovery

As a true tenant advocate, Vortex conducts thorough examinations of companies’ leases in order to ensure that tenants are properly charged and negotiates potential issues with landlords.

Corporate Finance

Vortex quantifies all potential occupancy alternatives for tenants and helps with planning and budgeting. We assess landlords’ creditworthiness in order to analyze and plan for our clients’ potential occupancy risks.

Technology Advisory

With the help of our technology partner, we make sure that our clients utilize state-of-the-art technological tools for corporate real estate management and planning.